In this post I collect some thoughts and then create checkbox goals. If I complete them by the end of the year I’ll come back and check them off.

Year of the UI

I’ve been spending most the last 5 years on backend development. Mainly building APIs to record, update, or delete data. This year I really want to build some useful UIs that elevate the user experience in some way. I want to focus first on the tablet form factor, for which Apple still has a stranglehold on the market. Towards this purpose I am learning SwiftUI. Swift is an underrated language. Other programming languages could benefit from features such as guard let.

  • First goal: Publish an iPad app to the App Store.

Semi-Permanent Problem Solving with Rust

For the last year or so I have become enamored with the Rust Programming Language. While I have found some elements of the Rust community to be toxic and judgmental, the resources and friendly tutorials abound.

I’m a busy and tired family man. I want to solve problems and not need to come back to the solution every few months unless the scope of the problem itself has changed. I am under the impression that Rust lends itself very well to being low maintenance once a project is done.

I wrote a sphere raytracer in Rust last year and learned a lot along the way. The next category of topics I need to understand in Rust is Asynchrony.

  • Second goal: Read the book Rust Atomics and Locks.
  • Third goal: Solve a real-world problem in Rust, observe how long it takes before it needs updates.

Demonstrate Professional Effort

My current work as a consultant is under a heavy NDA. Consequently, it is hard to demonstrate my accomplishments with my clients when they happen. A certification would be an excellent way to demonstrate the effort I have put into continuously growing my skills.

  • Fourth goal: Earn at least one technical certification this year.