I was really pumped to cover a lot of developer topics this year. After a month and a half of trying to squeeze everything together, I’ve come to the realization I simply don’t have the time to learn and build everything I want to. And that’s OK.

An older friend who retired comfortably from the spoils of the .COM Era shared some simple yet profound bits of advice this week when I asked him what was his recipe for success:

Focus on what you know best.

For me, that would definitely be Java.

Ask God “how can I make my family’s life better?”

So far, for my situation, it’s definitely sticking with Java. In my current situation, the majority of the highest-paying jobs are in Java.

Around the same time I encountered DHH’s article on investing in things that don’t change. Java is definitely still very familiar even if you haven’t touched it in 10 years.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop exploring other things, like Rust, but I need to deliberately spend less time on those other things so I can sharpen the strongest skill I have.

I’ve started working on my first RIFE2 project, and I’ve started reading a book on the Java game engine FXGL. These should keep me preoccupied in between my explorations of Rust.